Why Choose Us

We understand writers.

It takes blood, sweat and tears to write a book. A writer has a bond with their book that no one could understand. For us, your book is not a mere product, we know it’s your destiny. We love books inside out & we love authors. Being a writer is a lonely and difficult job, and you need a lot of support- we’re here to help.

We understand your audience.

One of the most obvious problems with current publishing industry is that not all books get the same support: budgets and priorities change all the time.

You need visibility and reviews. But sadly, advanced reader copies(Arc’s) don’t end up with the right readers. We understand finding the right audience for each book in an engaging way is a huge effort; and we’re happy to help you with this.

We have the right skills and tools to make you and your book visible

Our Marketing background make us unique in this complex market. We’re experts in brand management, advertising, social media, algorithms, influencing and analytics. It’s worth mentioning that we’re also influencers ourselves, having an insider eye and contacts. We use social media on an analytical and quantitative base making sure we reach efficiently and effectively with our influencers.We’re able to conceptualise the required advertising according to your book, defining the opportunities. In the end, we present you with a tangible report summarising our activities, number of people reached & engagement levels.
We pride ourselves with presenting a holistic service that no one else can in this market & looking forward to working with you! Drop us an email for a free consultation.