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Testimonial from Gytha Lodge, Sunday Times Top 10 Best Seller

“Paper Charm have been wonderful from the very start. They chose perfectly from their incredible network of bloggers, influencers and reviewers, getting my book to them and ensuring that they wanted to read it – with the result that it was read, reviewed positively, and widely publicised. They worked seamlessly alongside my publishers’ marketing team to ensure that the exposure on the book was increased hugely. And the positive effects on sales when their work kicked in was noticeable. Between us all, we got She Lies in Wait into the Sunday Times top ten bestseller list, and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done. I’m looking forward to working together on my next books!” 

Writers we worked with:

Menna Van Praag (Fantasy)

Gytha Lodge (Crime/Thriller)

C.L. Williams (Middle Grade Fiction)

I created Paper Charm after long and successful career in Marketing for 15 years.  I’m an expert in brand management, advertising, social media, content creation & influencing.

This journey started with book blogging in 2017, and I immediately recognised the need for authors to get visibility. I love books inside out & I love authors. I understand how difficult an author’s life is, it’s a lonely and difficult job, and they need a lot of support. One of the most obvious problems with current publishing industry. Not all books get the same support depending on the publisher’s budget or priorities, ARCs fall into the wrong hands, there’s lack of planning and strong engagements…The list goes on and on. We understand finding the right audience for each book in an engaging way is a huge effort; and we’re happy to help you with this.

Work with us to find the right audience & spread the love for your book!

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